Fraudulent activities are found to be common at current times. Reasons being many and desires being unlimited. Therefore Corporate Fraud Investigations have become vitally important for unveiling the actual threats  prevailing within and outside the organisations. These category of investigation tends to prove an all round beneficial act at present and for future complications to come. 

The versatility and flexibility of our team leads towards the success of the investigation by deep diving into hidden facts in a very covert way.

The detection of misleading acts along with getting hold of the root causes responsible for the unlawful and fraudulent activities is a critical factor to be considered during such investigations.   

These investigation service includes concerned areas like


Cyber or Digital Forensics and Investigation Services refer to the process of collecting, analyzing, and presenting digital evidence in a manner suitable for legal proceedings. It involves using various techniques and tools to identify, preserve, recover, and analyze electronic data in the investigation of a crime, internal fraud, financial irregularities, hate crime, theft, or incidents involving the use of digital storage media, whether on the cloud or physically accessible to you. The aim is to determine the facts, uncover evidence, and help organizations respond to cyber threats, data breaches, and other incidents. This helps in knowing the who, how, when, and why story behind the incident. The results of the investigation can be used for court proceedings, legal compliance, and for taking preventive measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Curb Risks professionals have more than a decade of experience in handling and assisting elite law enforcement agencies, corporates, law firms, and financial institutions in such cases. We have all the international standard tools and technology, along with the right professionals and technical resources in-house, with strategic presence across region, to help our clients with Data Collection and/or complete DFIR and eDiscovery services.


The Risk Advisory process identifies potential risks necessary for future gains and controlling those uncertain risks resulting into losses. Its said that higher the risk, higher is the profit, but these principle does not guarantee a totally profitable outcome. Sometimes, there might be only risk and low profit or no profit at all. Investors and organisations need not necessarily take all the pertaining risks to earn profits. Therefore, its important to understand the overall idea of risk to be undertaken for maximum gains.

Our Risk Advisory professionals work in close connection with the clients to adhere to their needs and possible requirements of maximising profits and minimising losses.


When performed properly on a prior basis a Due Diligence review provides valuable information regarding the internal and external implications in the past and future of the targeting company. It definitely proves to be a cost saving and beneficial process for the potential investors in context of engaging into future agreements with the other party. The process involved in this critical analysis of potential liabilities is very discrete and confidential.

Different categories of Due Diligence involve ;


The decision of hiring an employee depends on its credibility, integrity, and skills etc, but is not limited to it. Comprising of quality workforce is sought to be an organisation’s most valuable asset. This can only be made possible when a proper background check is implemented as a standard of employment in the screening procedures.

Our team at curb risks will help you out go through this scrutiny in quite an efficient manner with much ease and less complications. Every minute detail of the potential candidate is looked into with due care and responsibility.


Either be a Company or an Individual, assets are of great value for all and if lost or defrauded might cause a huge disappointment. Curb risk undertakes this legal process of tracking a misappropriated asset helping out our valuable clients to get hold of their assets.

Experienced professionals present in our team thrive hard to meet these expectations for achieving the tasks assigned to us leading to utmost satisfaction of our clients. At Curb risk we hear out to our clients needs and requirements very firmly in order to give out the best possible outcomes.


Interests conflicts can be caused due to many undefined reasons for both employees and organisations whenever they are involved in multiple interests and serving one out of them might seem working against other. These type of conflicts can arise in every field may it be business, professional or personal background.

Curb Risk conducts required priority checks systematically on behalf of the clients before they getting into any transition, in order to safeguard them from any future contradictions and to assure that their current interest is well served without adversely affecting that of the other to which the clients are involved as well. In either cases our team also serves as a prior indicator to the clients for as to going ahead with the current interest is a good idea or not in relation to their other engagements.

Its crucial for anyone to be re-assured before getting into any such kind of involvement because of which their other interests might be at stake so as to control future contingencies, because at many such instances the organisations are not exposed to the issue or clash of interests in the beginning, as a result of which individuals and businesses skip this phase of prior check and later on land into complicated situations.


Suddenly people seem to know your activities when they shouldn’t , or secret meetings and bids seem to be less secret, or unusual sounds and volume changes occurring on your phone lines and many such unusual activities trigger your thoughts. Its quite possible that you might be bugged. If yes, then go ahead and give yourself a benefit of doubt by opting for our Debugging Services to save you and your business from  this unseen threat.

The professionals at Curb Risk perform the Bug-Detection process to locate and seize such hidden bugs in your personal or offices premises, your electronic gadgets or vehicles, which if not detected in time proves to be disastrous for the goodwill and reputation of the business and also tarnishing the privacy of any reputed individual.


Brands are the identity any reputed business house holds in the market. A brand name is what makes you to stand different from the crowd and have your own unique identification.

Curb Risk provides you with the Brand Protection services by undertaking standardised set of actions to prevent third party intervention in your Intellectual Property where you hold the sole rights of your product or services. Our team at Curb Risk undergoes several processes thoroughly to find out if there has been any duplicity witnessed and reported. Mystery Shopping services are also rendered to our clients under this particular head for case verification and helping out our clients in understanding the modus- operandi of fraud activities on ground level.

Curb Risk undertakes high level liaising for collection of evidential proofs and works in support with the local legal authorities to perform search and seizures which would rather serve as a crucial element of support in filing law suits against the third party involved in the brand name infringements. 

Our team at Curb Risk also renders Mystery Shopping services in other matters where any individual or business houses require it for knowing if their marketing strategies work in the market and are able to influence the target customers or are there loopholes which needs to be filled up, etc.


Escaping and hiding ones identity have become quite common these days where people go an extra mile to conceal their real identities in order to safeguard themselves from creditors, court cases and many such situations. Tracing them out might prove to be tough at times in absence of proper techniques and outreaching capacity.

Curb risk is well acquainted with these capabilities and provides the service to our clients in a discrete manner. 


Employee Theft is responsible for more than one-third of business bankruptcies. Employee Thefts like, petty theft, cash larceny, skimming fraud and fraudulent disbursements are common in many organisations either private or public. The reason for such actions are nothing else but the employee’s behavior to do so.

Internal thefts such as payroll discrepancies, missing inventory, data theft etc. can be difficult to detect at times and if ignored might result into sudden drop in profits or leak of crucial data, ruining a company’s image up-to a large extent.

Curb Risk works in order to control and stop this discrepancies over the time by acquiring appropriate methods and cut-edge technology for detection and saving the organisation from facing hefty fines or lawsuits in the worse case scenario.