Strategic Partnerships with Enforcement and Regulators

At Curb Risks, we are actively forging partnerships with Government Enforcement and Regulatory Agencies to bring cutting-edge digital forensics capabilities right to their doorstep. Our collaboration aims to establish state-of-the-art Digital Forensics Labs within these esteemed organizations, equipped with the latest technology and expertise.

Key elements of our proposal include the provision of over 100 sets of Server Towers, each boasting high-performance specifications and full onsite maintenance by dedicated hardware engineers.

What sets our partnership apart is that we offer all of this without any upfront costs or security deposits. Instead, we propose a cost-effective monthly rental fee, tailored to the project's duration.

By teaming up with Curb Risks, Government Departments can take control of their operations and access the best in class technology without the burden of substantial upfront investments. Our mission is to empower these agencies with the tools and support they need to enhance their investigative capabilities and operational efficiency, ultimately resulting in cost savings and improved performance.

Strategic Partnerships with Corporates, Law Firms, and Professionals

We seek and value our strategic partnerships with global corporates, law firms, and professionals, and take pride in assisting them through our extensive presence in India and our strategic foothold in South East Asia. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our approach and investments in professionals, tech solutions, and IT infrastructure. These factors provide us with a distinct edge when collaborating with global corporates, law firms, and professionals, enabling us to offer comprehensive support in the realms of Digital Forensics, eDiscovery, Litigation, and Investigation Services.

1. State-of-the-Art Digital Forensics Lab: We help our clients establish a state-of-the-art Digital Forensics lab, or they can seamlessly utilize our own lab and resources according to their convenience.

2. Data Acquisition / Collection and Processing: Digital Forensics Data Acquisition / Collection are critical aspects of any investigation. Our experts at Curb Risks act immediately on behalf of our clients and guide them through the process, from identifying, acquiring, and then processing the data in a forensically sound manner.

3. Expertise and Infrastructure: With the right people and best in class software adhering to global standards, we perform a wide range of tasks related to Forensics, Collections, Processing, Indexing, Keyword Search, Data Analytics, and Review Services. Our clients can utilize our services and infrastructure while dealing with their clients without disclosing our involvement.

Our commitment to discretion, efficiency, and high-quality service empowers our partners to navigate complex challenges with confidence, knowing they have a reliable ally in Curb Risks.